Dolphins Being Slaughtered in Taiji Japan


A dolphin hunter holds a young striped dolphin by the tail

“It is a bloodbath, cruel and barbaric. Each year, the idyllic and peaceful setting
of the village of Taiji in southern Japan is shattered by almost unspeakable
cruelty as incredible pain and ultimate death is inflicted on defenseless dolphins.”

– Paul Watson, president and founder
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

A pod of roughly 25 striped dolphins were being driven into the Cove today, (1-13-11). As they were driven into the Cove, four adults and one small juvenile broke off from the group and swam directly for the rocky shoreline. These five dolphins made it into a small alcove in the cliff face and beached themselves on the razor sharp rocks. It was only a matter of minutes before the alcove was filled with the blood of these terrified sentient beings. As they thrashed about on the rocks, slashing their sensitive skin, the hunters took one look at these dolphins and decided to continue on into the killing cove to murder the rest of the pod. Five dolphins were left to die an excruciatingly slow and horrendously painful death for nearly an hour.

(Warning Graphic)

“Time and time again, we’ve seen the striped dolphins become blinded by fear and today’s events were such that any nation, and any human involved, should be deeply shamed. Yet the dolphin killers of Taiji are not ashamed by what they have done today, for I fear that these men have lost their souls.”  ~ Libby Katsinis ~
source: ~ all material used with permission ~

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