Month: October 2011

Japan Tsunami Debris Headed For US West Coast

A Russian ship has spotted a floating island of junk passing the Midway Islands northwest of Hawaii - some 2,000 miles from the source of the tsunami.

It takes a long time to cross the Pacific Ocean if you’re a couch, a fridge, or a piece of a house. Roughly 20 tons of debris sucked into the ocean during Japan’s massive tsunami is due to hit U.S. shores sometime in 2014, acording to University of Hawaii scientists. Nikolai Maximenko, a senior researcher…

Magnesium Energy Cycle Could Free Us From Fossil Fuels


Japan, a revolutionary new technology, Magnesium Energy Cycle could one day free society from dependence on fossil fuels. The demonstration conducted by Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor Takashi Yabe uses water and the common metallic element Magnesium to create pollution-free power. Solar-powered lasers are used to renew the magnesium fuel with the only waste product…

Over 15 Million U.S. Children Live In Poverty

poor children

by: Ted McLaughlin via   There’s a political divide in this country over what to do about the poor and disadvantaged. Some people think we are our brother’s keeper and that means it is our responsibility to take care of people who have fallen through the cracks in our society. And the best way…