Month: December 2011

Deadly Toxins From Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Plants Found in Women and Fetuses

Deadly toxins in Monsanto’s genetically modified food.

by: Jeffrey Smith   When U.S. regulators approved Monsanto’s genetically modified “Bt” corn, they knew it would add a deadly poison into our food supply. That’s what it was designed to do. The corn’s DNA is equipped with a gene from soil bacteria called Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) that produces the Bt-toxin. It’s a pesticide;…

The Truth About Margarine vs Butter

Margarine in a tub.

Margarine originated with the discovery by Michel Eugène Chevreul in 1813 of margaric acid.  In 1870 a French chemist named Hippolyte Mege-Mouriez, used margaric acid to create Margarine in response to a request from Emperor Louis Napoleon who offered a prize to anyone who could make a satisfactory substitute for butter, suitable for use by…

Japan Spends $28 million of Donated Tsunami Relief Funds on Illegal Whaling

Japanese whaling vessel Yushin Maru 3. Part of Japans illegal whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

The Japanese government has admitted to using $28 million of donated earthquake and tsunami relief funds to increase security aboard it’s illegal whaling vessels. Environmental groups such as the Sea Shepherd’s have been waging a non violent war against Japans illegal whaling operations in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Now Japan has responded by placing armed…