Month: February 2012

Big Oil’s Greed Costs American Jobs


  Pennsylvania labor activists marched on Capitol Hill yesterday in protest against the shutdown of three refineries in the state. Politicians from both sides supported them in their call to stem the job losses and address the imminent threat to the nation’s energy security that the loss of gasoline production in the east coast now…

Taylor Oil’s Seven Year long Gulf Oil Spill Still Leaking

Waterkeeper Alliance says this image was taken on Dec. 30, 2011, and shows an oil sheen from the Taylor Energy platform that was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

    Environmental groups on Thursday sued an oil company over the pace of its cleanup of a Gulf of Mexico spill that continues seven years after it was triggered by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. “The plaintiffs filed suit to stop the spill and lift the veil of secrecy surrounding Taylor oil’s seven-year-long response and…

Is Your Wallet Causing Back Pain


This is something which we are not focused on in our daily lives. It can produce multiple problems in your spine especially for those who have long sitting hours. Make sure that when you sit in your office chair your wallet is not in your back pocket, (Not only your Wallet – don’t sit with…