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Japan Tsunami Debris Headed For US West Coast

A Russian ship has spotted a floating island of junk passing the Midway Islands northwest of Hawaii - some 2,000 miles from the source of the tsunami.

It takes a long time to cross the Pacific Ocean if you’re a couch, a fridge, or a piece of a house. Roughly 20 tons of debris sucked into the ocean during Japan’s massive tsunami is due to hit U.S. shores sometime in 2014, acording to University of Hawaii scientists. Nikolai Maximenko, a senior researcher…

Debris From Japan’s Tsunami Drifts In The Ocean

The mass of debris stretches for miles off the Honshu coast. -  Credit: US Navy

The huge tsunami triggered by the 9.0 Tohoku Earthquake destroyed coastal towns near Sendai in Japan, washing such things as houses and cars into the ocean. Projections of where this debris might head have been made by Nikolai Maximenko and Jan Hafner at the International Pacific Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Maximenko has…